In addition to LL86 Annual Reporting that is the responsibility of the city agency managing the expenditure of city funds on a project, several other procedures related to LL86 implementation have been developed to facilitate administration of the law.  Links to detailed descriptions of each of these are found below.

Green Power Credit Request

Projects with a LEED® requirement should follow this procedure to utilize the City’s ongoing purchase of wind power credits in order to qualify for points under the Green Power Credit and/or Innovation Credit that contribute to the achievement of a LEED® rating.

LL86 Exemption Request

Applicable only to projects that need to apply for an exemption from all or part of a LL86 requirement.

LEED® Registration

To facilitate the identification of New York City projects in the rapidly expanding international database maintained by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), buildings or spaces in LL86 LEED® projects, when construction is directly managed by city agencies, should conform to the following when applying to the USGBC for certification:

Under “Project Owner Information”, type in “NYC” before the name of the agency.

Under “Project Name Information”, type in “City of NY” before the project name.

LL86 Energy Rates

To ensure the consistency of energy cost calculations across projects and because actual rates can vary significantly over time as well as by location and other factors, MOEC has posted here the estimated rates that will be used for reporting.  See the FAQ's on Procedures for information on the methodology that agencies should use for energy calculations. 

Inflation Factors

As required by LL86, the construction cost and city contribution threshold criteria cited in the law must be indexed to inflation. The factors to be used for this purpose are listed here, by calendar year.