Local Law 86 of 2005 (LL86) requires the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Environmental Coordination (MOEC), as the representative of the Mayor, to publish a report each fiscal year (FY) that describes key attributes of projects subject to LL86 as well as the costs and benefits related to compliance. The managing agency, i.e. either the city agency managing a project or the city agency that manages a funding agreement, lease, or land acquisition contract with a a non-city entity for the expenditure of city funds on the project, is responsible to ensure that necessary data is provided.

Three reports to date have been published using data reported by managing agencies to MOEC. To collect data for the LL86 Annual Report, managing agencies should report all requested data for each LL86 project in their portfolios that received an OMB approved Certificate to Proceed (CP) or CBX Certificate during or before the FY covered by the report.  To facilitate the collection of data internally and from non-city entities, the managing agency should utilize the forms available from MOEC.

For more detailed information on reporting, refer to the FAQ/Procedures section of this website or contact MOEC.