Two Large Soil Piles
    OER opens a clean soil stockpile in East New York that expands the capacity of the Clean Soil Bank and advances the reuse of clean soil in NYC.

    Read OER's Earth Day 2021 stockpile announcement.
Excavator Moving Soil
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    In Spring 2020, OER arranged delivery of more than 40,000 cubic yards of soil form the NYC Clean Soil Bank to the Department of Parks & Recreation
Clean soil stockpile
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    East New York Farms! has opened New York City's first stockpile of clean soil in Spring Creek, Brooklyn.
RCA Bank
    The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) offers quality Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) to private industry and community developments at no cost from its yard in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Learn more.
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The New York City Mayor's Office of Environmental Remediation is a team of scientists and engineers that design and operate municipal programs to promote cleanup and redevelopment of vacant contaminated land in NYC.

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What's New at OER

6/16/2021: OER seeks to hire 2 Geologists to serve as project managers in the office's land cleanup program. Learn more.

5/19/2021: The City’s clean soil stockpile in East New York receives and distributes clean soil to City, private and community projects at no cost except for trucking. The stockpile is open every Tuesday and Wednesday and on a third day each week based on demand. In addition to clean soil, NYC DOT offers free RCA (recycled concrete aggregate that is 3/4” minus) also at no cost except for trucking. Parties interested in either material should contact OER.

6/11/2020: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded OER $300,000 in new federal brownfield cleanup funds. Starting this fall, the Office will offer these new Revolving Loan Funds to certain affordable developers with sites in the City’s Voluntary Cleanup Program in the form of grants and loans. The funds can offset land cleanup costs of community developers building 100% affordable projects in low-income neighborhoods across the City. To learn more, contact OER.

04/22/2020: OER has launched SPEED 2.0, an updated and expanded version of its environmental mapping tool. SPEED is a rich repository of information relevant to the cleanup of land in New York City. Visit SPEED to search for properties in New York City and find information on nearby construction projects, land cleanup efforts, environmental cleanup requirements on rezoned land, and the location of petroleum spills.

SPEED can also be used to create maps of environmental information at a city, borough, neighborhood, or site level.  In addition, all of its data layers are regularly updated. 
Please give us your feedback on SPEED through the Contact page on our website.

3/16/2020: If you are unable to reach us by phone, please send a message to OER. Email your OER project manager with any questions about specific projects.

OER Metrics

Acres Remediated400

Units of Affordable Housing11,000

New City Tax Revenue$1.46B