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Our online videos offer a convenient way for you to learn about the benefits and services that we offer.

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FSA Videos

  • Buy-out Waiver ProgramBuy-Out Waiver Program
  • DeCAP VideoDeCAP Video
  • HCFSA VideoHCFSA Video

Health Benefits Videos

  • Medicare Parrt B Reimbursement Program videoTransition to Retiree Part One Video
  • Transition to Retiree Part One VideoTransition to Retiree Part One Video
  • Transition to Retiree Part Two VideoTransition to Retiree Part Two Video
  • Non Medicare Health Benefits VideoNon Medicare Health Benefits Video
  • Medicare Health Benefits VideoMedicare Health Benefits Video

MBF Videos

  • MBF Benefits VideoMBF Benefits Video

Deferred Compensation Plan Videos

  • The Benefits of an Emergency FundThe Benefits of an Emergency Fund
  • Differences between Pre-tax and RothDifferences between Pre-tax and Roth
  • Preparing for RetirementPreparing for Retirement
  • Social Security, Pension and NYC DCP. The Right Blend for Your RetirementThe Right Blend for Your Retirement
  • Understanding the Pre-Arranged Portfolios VideoUnderstanding the Pre-Arranged Portfolios Video
  • DCP in Lieu of FICA VideoDCP in Lieu of FICA Video
  • The Real Cost of a DCP LoanThe Real Cost of a DCP Loan
  • DCP BasicsDCP Basics
  • How To Pick a BeneficiaryHow to Pick a Beneficiary
  • Distribution PlanningDistribution Planning


  • NYCE IRA VideoNYCE IRA Video

Financial Wellness Center Videos

  • Individual Financial ConsultationIndivdual Financial Consultation
  • Who Needs a Financial Plan?Who Needs a Financial Plan?
  • Women's Roundtable Video Pennies from HeavenWomens Roundtable Video - Pennies from Heaven
  • Womens Roundtable Video - Financial FutureWomens Roundtable - Financial Future

NYC OLR Website Tour

  • OLR Web TourOLR Web Tour