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Featured "How-to Videos"

You can view and make changes to your Deferred Compensation Plan account at any time by accessing your account online at You can increase or decrease your deferral percentage, as well as make investment changes in the 457 Plan, the 401(k) Plan, or both.

The following how-to videos will take you through the various steps on how to access and make changes to your account.

Watch the "How to View and/or Change Contributions Online" video

View/Change Your Contributions

This video will show you how to review and modify your current contribution deferral percentage. It will also take you through the various screens to show you how to schedule a future dated contribution, either as a one-time or on-going contribution change.  Play this video

Watch the "How to View and/or Change Investments" video

View and Manage Your Investments

This how-to video will walk you through where to find information about the Plan's investment options as well as view your personal rate of return. You will also be shown how to view and change your investment elections and how to make fund transfers.  Play this video


Important Notice

The Deferred Compensation Plan's client service walk-in center is closed. You can contact a Plan representative at (212) 306-7760.

Due to the closure of the office, if you mailed or faxed forms or correspondence March 11, 2020 or after, we cannot access or process that form.

Please resubmit your documents as follows:

1) EMAIL THE PLAN: Inquiries and questions should be sent via email to the Plan.

2) SEND FORMS/DOCUMENTS: Forms and Documents should be sent to Please only include the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, along with your name and address on all forms. Forms can also be faxed to 844-299-2362. Please do not submit your form/document more than once. This will only delay processing. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after submitting your form/document.

Forms that are required to be notarized will be accepted without being notarized as long as a valid government issued ID, such as a copy of your Passport or Driver's license, is included with your form

Also, please do not send forms or documents via express mail. The office is closed and the package cannot be accepted. 

Please check back periodically for updates.

Download Adobe Scan to convert your hardcopy documents into PDFs. Use your smart phone or tablet camera to take a picture of your paper form and Adobe Scan will convert it to a PDF. Adobe Scan mobile app is available for iPhone and Android.