The Deferred Compensation Plan

In November 2019, the Deferred Compensation Plan changed its recordkeeper from FASCore, LLC. to Voya Financial. View the Transition Timeline page for details.

View and/or Edit Your Current Account

Register, Enroll or Log In to Your Account


Register an account with the new recordkeeper, Voya, using the PIN that was mailed to you during the first week of November. Once you have registered a new account, you may log in to view and/or make account changes.


To order a replacement PIN, or for instructions on how to enroll in the Plan (become a new participant), click on the "Need a PIN? New Particpant? Start Here" box located on the Account Log In screen.


Log in or register with the new recordkeeper, Voya Financial  (You will need your new PIN to access your account.)

Access Prior Account History (View Only)

Access historical (pre-transition) account information by logging in with the previous recordkeeper, FASCore, LLC. (utilizing your FASCore login credentials, which are different than the username and password that you recently registered with the new recordkeeper, Voya).

Log in to view historical account information with the previous recordkeeper, FASCore, LLC (You will need your old Username and PIN to access your account.)

On November 8th, your account was changed from FASCore,LLC to Voya Financial. As a result, you will see a zero “0” account balance on the final statement issued by FASCore, as well as on the FASCore site.

This $0 balance only means that FASCore is no longer the Plan’s Recordkeeper.

Use the Log In/Register link above to log in to your account with the Plan’s new recordkeeper, Voya, in order  to view your current account balance.

Click here for details about your balance transfer.