The Employee Assistance Program

Coping with Domestic Violence

Domestic violence affects the lives of thousands of New Yorkers. It takes many forms, some you may not recognize. Here are some steps to take against domestic violence. 

Understand Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is the effort by one partner in an intimate relationship to control the other partner through emotional, physical, psychological, financial or sexual abuse. Domestic violence is a problem that impacts all social and economic levels. 

In addition to married couples, domestic violence affects elderly dependents, unmarried couples, gay and lesbian partners and men and women of all ethnic backgrounds. Children in violent households can suffer deep emotional damage. Domestic violence strains the resources of government, the justice system, private enterprise and the healthcare system of our City and Nation.  

Recognize Domestic Violence

At home:

  • Are you afraid?
  • Uncertain of what will happen if your partner "loses it"? 
  • Are you cut off from family and friends?  Do you have access to your money? 
  • Are you threatened with public humiliation? 
  • Physical injury? 
  • Constant verbal criticism?


At work: 

  • Is a coworker missing time? 
  • Afraid to take calls?  Borrowing money? 
  • Hiding bruises? 
  • Getting an unusual number of personal calls/faxes? 
  • Showing deterioration in job performance? 
  • Being harassed/stalked at the work site?

Take Action Against Domestic Violence

For yourself:
Nobody deserves to be abused and afraid.  Help is available. Call EAP, go to 311 online or call the NYC Domestic Violence hotline at 1-800-621-HOPE to get confidential help. You can make a safer life for your family. 


For your family:
If you find yourself behaving violently or you are concerned that your emotions may get out of hand in the family, help is available for you too. Contact EAP for help to make things better at home. 


For a coworker: 
Don't be a silent witness!  If a coworker seems to be in trouble, reach out and connect them to help.  If you are not sure what to do, call the NYC EAP for advice. 


For society:
Take a stand for respectful and fair resolution of conflict at home and at work.  Feeling angry?  Talk it out!  Teach your children how to resolve conflicts without violence.  Give others the respect you want for yourself.  Learn to listen!


Remember, for domestic violence or other personal problems:
City employees may call NYC EAP at (212) 306-7660 or e-mail for confidential assistance.


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