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New - Beginning in February 2020, Saturday seminars will be available. Registration is required.


To register for a seminar, click the "Register Now" button that is displayed next to the seminar that you are interested in attending. Each "Register Now" button will direct you to the Eventbrite website for seminar registration, as well as provide information about the dates and location of that individual seminar.

Financial Wellness seminars are available for the topics listed below.


Basics of Diversified Investing   College Planning   DCP Basics
Distribution Planning   Eldercare   Estate Planning
Health Benefits for Active NYC Employees   I Recently Retired -  What Do I Do Now?   Insurance Planning
Money & Credit   NYCE IRA   Retirement Planning
Social Security & Medicare   Tax Planning    

Basics of Diversified Investing

Learn about types of investments, the benefits of diversification and how to avoid common investing traps.

College Planning

Eventbrite - College Planning 

Learn about the various college savings vehicles: grants, scholarships, loans and the financial aid process

DCP Basics

Eventbrite - Deferred Compensation Plan Basics 

Learn the benefits of participating in the Deferred Compensation Plan. This seminar will go into detail about the differences between the 457 and the 401(k) plans and pre-tax and Roth (after-tax) contributions. An overview of the Plan’s investment options and distribution options will be covered as well.

Distribution Planning

Eventbrite - Distribution Planning 

Learn how to manage the risks retirees face and how to develop an action plan.  The Plan's distribution options will be highlighted.


Eventbrite -Eldercare

Learn about the emotional and practical considerations essential for developing a care plan for you or an elderly relative.

Estate Planning

Eventbrite - Estate Planning 

Learn about the different forms of property ownership, and how assets are transferred to ensure that they reach your intended beneficiaries.

Health Benefits for Active NYC Employees

Eventbrite - Health Benefits Seminar

Understand the current health plan choices offered to NYC employees as well as other tax-favored benefits.

I Recently Retired - What Do I Do Now?

Learn how to identify and manage the various financial and personal issues retirees face.

Insurance Planning

Eventbrite - Estate Planning

Learn how insurance can protect or reduce out exposure to the various risks we face.

Money & Credit

Eventbrite - Money & Credit 

Learn how to make a budget and manage your debt; understand your credit report and credit score.


Eventbrite - NYCE IRA 

Learn about the New York City Employee (NYCE) Individual Retirement Account.  The NYCE IRA includes both a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA for the exclusive benefit of current and former NYC employees and their spouses.  Understand how the NYCE IRA can be used for consolidation, estate planning, rollovers, and conversions.

Retirement Planning

Eventbrite - Retirement Planning 

Understand the importance of planning for a successful retirement.  Learn how DCP can supplement other sources of retirement income.

Social Security & Medicare

Eventbrite - Social Security & Medicare 

Learn about the various Social Security programs, and the hierarchy of health insurance benefits for City employees.

Tax Planning

Eventbrite - Tax Planning 

Understand the tax benefits of DCP/NYCE IRA, Flexible Spending Programs (Sept.-Nov. enrollment) which can reduce your current and future income taxes; Tax planning and life events will be highlighted.

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