Flexible Spending Accounts Program

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Important Notice

The Flexible Spending Accounts Program client service center is closed. Due to the closure of the office, if you mailed or faxed forms or correspondence March 11, 2020 or after, we cannot access or process that form.

IMPORTANT: Please read about Program changes due to COVID-19

Please resubmit your forms and documents as follows:

1) Inquiries and questions can be sent via email to the Program.

2) Forms/documents can be sent via secure email to: https://asonet.com/emailFSA.aspx

Please do not submit your form/document more than once.  This will only delay processing.

3) Forms can also be faxed to: (877) 290-6587

Also, please do not send forms or documents via express mail.  The office is closed and the package cannot be accepted.

Please check back periodically for updates and how to send forms and claims electronically to the Program.

IMPORTANT - If you are currently receiving your reimbursement via check, please complete a Direct Deposit Form in order to receive reimbursement in a timely fashion.  Do not mail your completed form to the address on the form. Please submit your completed form following the directions in #2 or #3 above.

Download Adobe Scan to convert your documents into PDFs. Use your smart phone or tablet camera to take a picture of your paper form and Adobe Scan will convert it to a PDF. Adobe Scan mobile app is available for iPhone and Android.


General Information

The City of New York offers its employees a Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) Program, which is allowable under FSA Open EnrollmentInternal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 125. The Program allows City employees to deposit a portion of their pre-tax income into accounts maintained for certain health and dependent care expenses. Employees covered by a non-City group health plan can enroll in the MSC Program and waive City health benefits to receive an incentive payment up to $1,000 for Plan Year 2020.

To enroll, you must complete the MSC Health Benefits Buy-Out Waiver Program Enrollment/Change Form and a Health Benefits Application and provide proof of other coverage. 

FSA Overview

Plan Year 2020
Flexible Spending Accounts Program Brochure

FSA Enrollment/Change Form

Plan Year 2019

Flexible Spending Accounts Program Brochure

FSA Enrollment/Change Form


Medical Spending Conversion Programs

MSC Health Benefits Buy-Out Waiver Program

The Medical Spending Conversion (MSC) Health Benefits Buy-Out Waiver Program allows eligible MSC Buy-Out Waiver Videoemployees who can obtain non-City group health benefits to waive their New York City health benefits in return for an annual cash incentive payment.

Learn More about the Buy-Out Waiver Program

MSC Buy-Out Waiver FAQs 

Watch the Buy-Out Waiver Video


For questions about the MSC Buy-Out Waiver Program, please call: (212) 306-7760.

MSC Health Benefits Premium Conversion Program

The Medical Spending Conversion (MSC) Premium Conversion Program enables eligible employees to pay for their health plan premium deductions on a pre-tax basis, thereby reducing their gross income for tax purposes.

Learn More about the Premium Conversion Program

MSC Premium Conversion Program FAQs



Dependent Care Assistance Program

DeCAP allows City employees to pay for eligible dependent care expenses on a pre-tax basis, with deductions taken directly from paychecks. These deductions reduce an employee's gross income on his/her Form W-2 for federal and Social Security tax purposes.

Learn More about DeCAP


Watch the DeCAP Video

Health Care Flexible Spending Account


The Health Care Flexible Spending Account (HCFSA) Program is a way to pay for eligible medical expenses (not covered by insurance), dental, vision, and hearing expenses (not covered by the Welfare Fund or Union) with before-tax dollars.

Learn More about HCFSA


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