The New York City Employee IRA

Important Notice

Please be aware that there are many participants calling and visiting the service center and you will experience long wait times to speak with a representative. You may wish to plan your visit accordingly. See below for details about the recordkeeping transition.

Pre-Arranged Portfolio Update

2005 Fund Rolls into the Static Allocation Fund and 2060 Fund Added to the Portfolio Lineup

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All About the Recordkeeping Transition

Recordkeeping Transition Timeline

In November 2019, the New York City Deferred Compensation Plan changed its recordkeeper from FASCore, LLC to Voya Financial.

Visit the Transition Timeline page to view detailed information, including an online video, FAQs and more.


Transition Timeline

How Was My Account Transitioned?

How Your Account Was Transitioned

View the Account Transition infographic for an explanation of how your account was transitioned to the new recordkeeper and how you can log in to view your current balance.


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Rolled Your Money Out of DCP?

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About the New York City Employee IRA

If you are a current or former NYC employee (with a termination date of 1985 or after), or the spouse of a current or former NYC employee, you can now open a New York City Employee IRA (NYCE IRA), and enjoy the convenience, professionalism, and performance of a program that has been designed with only you in mind.

No commissions, no sales charges, no self-interest. Our only interest is your interest.


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Introduction to the NYCE IRA