Tour the New OLR Website

Welcome to the New OLR Website

New Features, Easier Navigation and Optimized for Mobile

This video highlights some of the new features of the redesigned OLR website.

Included below is information about what is covered in each section of the video (1 minutes, 54 seconds).


 This camera icon on our website indicates that an online video is available for that topic. 

  Introduction and New Menu Layout (0:01-0:35)
The improved menu layout makes it easy to navigate the site.

The Homepage Carousel (0:35-0:41)
Our new homepage carousel displays the top news related to OLR.

  Featured Items (0:41-0:48)
Featured Topics, where you'll find useful topics applications and information are included in the footer of many pages.

Custom Search (0:48-0:56)
Looking for specific topic, service or form? The new custom search tool makes it easy to find anything you need on the OLR website.


Read More/Collapse Text Boxes (0:56-1:16)
We want to keep you engaged and informed so we're expanding our online video library. You can access videos by visiting a particular program or go to the all benefits videos page to see all the videos that we offer.

Check back often we'll be adding videos on a regular basis.

Online Videos (1:16-1:28)
Many of our  pages open in a condensed view so you don't spend a lot of time scrolling through information to get to what you're looking for.

You can expand content boxes individually or all at once to display or close content as you see fit.


  Responsive Design (1:28-1:54)
The redesigned all our website is responsive, which means its mobile
friendly and designed to work on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.