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Are You Ready to Make a Difference?

WorkWell NYC is on a mission to have the healthiest workforce in the nation. Big goal – we know! But with the help of our Wellness Ambassadors, anything is possible.

Ambassadors are citywide leaders who plan, implement, and promote worksite wellness activities for their staff and co-workers. With over 350,000 employees, WorkWell NYC Wellness Ambassadors are essential in reaching the diverse and vibrant workforce that runs the City of New York.

Are you ready to bring wellness to your workplace? Sign up today and help us make NYC a healthier workforce one employee at a time.




Ambassadors in Action

From onsite fitness classes, to dog therapy and wellness fairs, Ambassadors are always finding fun and innovative ways to connect their colleagues with wellness resources. Check out some of our Ambassadors in action below!


WorkWell NYC Ambassador
WorkWell NYC Ambassador
Workwell NYC Ambassador
WorkWell NYC Ambassador




Ambassador Spotlight


Wellness Ambassador

Evelyn Vargas

Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications

Evelyn recently joined the Ambassador program and has already successfully hosted her first workshop, Ergonomics 101, where her co-workers learned how to set up their workspaces to reduce aches and pains.



What does a Wellness Ambassador do?  Learn More


  • Plan - Organize worksite wellness programs with the needs and interests of their co-workers in mind.
  • Promote - Spread the word about wellness activities by sharing email, flyers, and other promotional materials from WorkWell NYC.
  • Advocate - Champion changes at their worksite that promote a healthier work environment.

What are the Perks of Being an Ambassador?  Learn More


  • Recognition & Rewards - There are several recognition opportunities throughout the year, including an annual ceremony.
  • Training Opportunities - Ambassadors can access workshops to develop and expand on their professional skills.
  • Dedicated Support - Ambassadors can take advantage of our office hours and receive one-on-one programmatic support.

Locate Your Worksite Ambassador

There are hundreds of Ambassadors across the City! Click below to see if there’s an Ambassador at your worksite or download the full list here.



Don’t see an Ambassador at your worksite? Sign up to become an Ambassador or refer a colleague by sharing the link to this webpage!