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WorkWell NYC Wellness Ambassadors are citywide leaders who play a critical role in extending WorkWell NYC’s reach by planning and implementing worksite wellness activities for their staff and colleagues. WorkWell NYC provides its Ambassadors with program support, resources, and training to help make our employees the healthiest in the city.

WorkWell NYC has hundreds of Ambassadors across the City – and growing! We are constantly looking to recruit new leaders to help us expand this work, one employee at a time.


Grid of attendess standing with raised hands and sitting at the tables talking at the 2019 Annual Ambassadors' Recognition Breakfast

(The images above are from the 2019 WorkWell NYC Annual Ambassador Recognition Breakfast.)

What does a Wellness Ambassador do?  Learn More


Ambassadors typically invest a minimum of 1-4 hours each month to organize and promote worksite activities.

The tasks performed by a successful Ambassador include but are not limited to:

Planning wellness programs with the needs and interests of their co-workers in mind

Promoting wellness activities by circulating email, flyers, and other promotional materials from WorkWell NYC

Sharing feedback and success stories with the WorkWell NYC team

Advocating for changes that promote a healthy worksite, such as open stairwells

Recruiting and collaborating with volunteer Wellness Champions

Change requires leadership and commitment, so WorkWell NYC seeks Ambassadors that can commit to partnering with us for a period of 1 year.

How do I become a Wellness Ambassador?  Learn More


There are two ways to become a WorkWell NYC Wellness Ambassador:

  1. Agency/worksite leadership assigns or nominates an individual to implement WorkWell NYC programming.

    Agency leadership and current Ambassadors who would like to nominate co-workers they believe would be ideal for this role should email

  2. An employee volunteers to implement a WorkWell NYC program and gets approval from agency/worksite leadership.

    If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, follow this link to register and learn more!


What are the benefits of being a Wellness Ambassador?  Learn More


WorkWell NYC ambassadors have the opportunity to develop new skills and impact the health and wellbeing of their co-workers. There is no release time associated with being a Wellness Ambassador, but it’s fun and rewarding!

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Recognition is also a critical component of the WorkWell NYC Ambassador program. WorkWell NYC understands that our Ambassadors have full-time jobs and that successful implementation requires additional resources, time, and support from Ambassadors and their agencies.


The WorkWell NYC Ambassador Recognition Program is designed to recognize and reward Ambassadors for their effort and commitment to helping employees work well. There are several recognition opportunities throughout the year, culminating in an annual recognition event.


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Help make NYC a healthier workforce by signing up to be an Ambassador below!