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WW – Workshops in the Workplace

Workplace Workshops bring the guidance, support, tools, and strategies of the WW program right to your worksite. Together with your co-workers, you’ll learn to eat better, move more, and shift your mindset.

All in-person WW Workplace Workshops are currently suspended due to COVID-19. Members can currently participate in WW workshops in 2 ways:


1. Private Virtual Workshops for City employees and their families

Get weekly guidance from a WW Coach in a virtual group setting that will help move you closer to your weight loss and wellness goals. Workshops are fun, supportive, private, and exclusive to the City of New York.


City of New York Closed Virtual Workshop Schedule
 Day  Time (EST)
 Mondays  1:00 PM
 Rosemary B
 Tuesdays  11:00 AM
 Silmara R
 Tuesdays  5:00 PM
 Dana F
 Wednesdays  1:00 PM
 Rosemary B
 Thursdays  7:30 AM
 Carol P
 Thursdays  11:30 AM
 Nina F

To attend the City's virtual Workshops, employees must join the City of New York's Connect Group. (Note: This link must be clicked on from a mobile device.)

If the Connect Group link does not work, visit for more information on joining the Connect Group or email with the subject line: WW.


2. Community Workshops

WW Workshops are available virtually or in-person as community studio locations reopen.

Click here to learn more about community Workshops open to the public.



Learn more by sending an email to with the subject line: WW Workshops.



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