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WorkWell NYC offers free, interactive workshops to NYC worksites in a variety of wellness topics. Our workshops are developed with the unique needs of the NYC workforce in mind.

Because of COVID-19, all workshops are being delivered virtually. Once it is safe to resume onsite sessions, this option will be updated on the request form.


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General Sessions

General Sessions   View workshops


  • WorkWell 101 - An introduction to WorkWell NYC programs and resources available to City employees.




Take Action

Prevention and Primary Care  View workshops


  • High Blood Pressure: the Silent Killer - Learn the risks and health impacts of high blood pressure and understand how to prevent and treat this dangerous condition.
  • Are You at Risk? The Facts About Preventing Diabetes - Learn more about type 2 Diabetes and what you can do to reduce your risk and lead a healthy lifestyle.




Eat Well

Healthy Eating  View workshops


  • Nutrition 101 - Explore the basics of healthy eating and learn how to make lifestyle changes to eat healthier.
  • Favorite Meals Made Healthy - Learn how to make healthy swaps to your favorite meals to keep them joyful and delicious.
  • Eating Healthy on a Budget - Discover ways to budget, plan, and use what you have to make healthy, yummy, and affordable meals.
  • Cooking Demonstrations – Take a virtual journey into the kitchen of our trained chefs to learn how to make healthy, easy recipes from wherever you are. Participants can cook along or watch and learn!


Available Sessions

  • Use What You Have: “Kitchen Sink” Frittata – Learn how to maximize what you have on hand to minimize food waste. (45 minutes)
  • Chop It Up: Avocado Corn Salad – Learn how to sharpen your knife skills to chop vegetables safely and quickly. (45 minutes)
  • Eat the Rainbow: Sweet and Spicy Noodles – Learn about the importance of colorful foods in a healthy diet. (45 minutes)
  • Dress it Up: Sweet and Savory Watermelon Salad –Learn the flavor formula to make homemade dressing and a restaurant-quality salad. (45 minutes)
  • Crunch Your Cravings: Crispy Cauliflower and Chickpea Tacos – Learn healthier ways to satisfy your cravings for crunchy and crispy foods. (90 minutes – best for after work)
  • Veggie Pizza Party: Butternut Squash, Arugula, and Onion Pizza – Learn how to make quick-rise pizza dough at home for a healthy, hearty takeout makeover. (90 minutes – best for after work)




Move More

Physical Activity  View workshops


  • Get Moving! The Beginner's Guide to Getting Active - Discover simple ways to incorporate fitness into your life. All activity levels welcome!
  • Self Massage - Learn self-massage techniques to relieve stress, relax sore muscles, and improve blood flow.
  • Ergonomics 101: How to Hack Your Workspace - Discover simple ways to improve your workspace, stay organized, and manage your workday to optimize your well-being at work.




Be Well

Mental Well-Being  View workshops


  • Introduction to Mindful Meditation - Learn meditation techniques for relaxation and stress reduction. All levels welcome!
  • Creating Supportive Connections - Learn how supportive connections can aid in stress management, strategies for combating loneliness and social isolation, and steps you can take to strengthen your social network.
  • Mindfulness Matters - Learn different ways of cultivating mindfulness and integrating it into your daily self-care practice.
  • Sleep Soundly - Learn about the connection between sleep and mental health, various sleep disorders, and strategies for improving your sleep quality.
  • Establishing Work-Life Harmony -This workshop will review how we can create more harmony in our lives by maximizing leisure time, pacing work schedules, and setting boundaries to avoid burnout and minimize stress.
  • Mindful Journaling - Learn and practice tips and tricks for mindful journaling to expand creativity and meaningful change in our lives.
  • Navigating Change - Our lives have forever been changed by COVID-19, and work life may be a bit unsettling and unfamiliar. In this workshop, learn how to navigate the changes of the past year. We will offer tools to help you create supportive communities in your workplaces.