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Bring WorkWell NYC to your Workplace!




WorkWell NYC can bring free, interactive workshops to City worksites.  

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Workshops are 1 hour long and require a minimum of 15 participants.

Current offerings include:

  • WorkWell 101: An introduction to WorkWell NYC and its offerings for City of New York employees
  • Are You at Risk? The Facts about Preventing Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure: The Silent Killer
  • Nutrition 101: Healthy Eating Made Simple
  • How to Eat Healthy on a Budget
  • How to Eat Healthy on the Go
  • Meal Planning 101
  • Favorite Meals Made Healthy
  • Shopping Smart for a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Making Meals Fun: Mealtimes with Young Children
  • What’s In Your Food? Reading and Understanding Food Labels
  • Sip This, Not That: The Advantages of Healthy Beverages
  • Get Moving! The Beginner’s Guide to Staying Active
  • ESCAPE: Support and Resources on your Smoke-free Journey


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Health Fairs


WorkWell NYC participates in agency health fairs across the city.  

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