Bring Wellness to Your Workplace

Everyone has a role to play in creating a healthy workforce! Team up with WorkWell NYC to bring health and wellness programs to your worksite.


WorkWell Champion


WorkWell NYC Champions have a passion for health and wellness. They volunteer to help WorkWell NYC spread the word about activities happening at their worksite and lead by example by participating in wellness activities.

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WorkWell Ambassador


WorkWell NYC Ambassadors are citywide leaders who play a critical role in extending WorkWell NYC’s reach by planning and implementing worksite wellness activities for their staff. WWNYC provides its Ambassadors with program support, resources and training to build on and expand the work of making our employees the healthiest workforce in the city.

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WorkWell Partners


WorkWell NYC works with various City agencies to build a model of wellness that extends beyond periodic programming. Through the Partners program, agencies plan and implement sustainable worksite wellness program models tailored to their specific needs, with tools and resources from WorkWellNYC. Agencies can apply annually for 3 different levels of support that include training, technical assistance, and funding.

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