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Eat to thrive from 9 to 5

Tips to help you fuel your workday!  Learn More


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Learn how your food choices can help fuel a healthy work day!

What's Your Food IQ?

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Begin with the Basics:

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Strategies for Success:

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Reach for New Recipes:

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Get Involved

Ways to eat well with your co-workers, family, and friends! Learn More

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Grab your co-workers, family, and friends and commit to a healthy lifestyle, together!


  • Organize a salad social: No need to go out for lunch when you can bring the salad bar to you! Coordinate with co-workers, family, or friends to host a “salad social”, where everybody brings their favorite salad ingredients for a DIY salad bar. WorkWell NYC’s toolkit has everything you need to set up a salad social at your worksite!
  • Take a field trip to your local farmers’ market: Farmers’ markets are a great resource for healthy, local fruits and vegetables all year round! Locate the nearest farmers’ market and spread the word! (Look for the snowflake icon to find markets open year-round.)
  • Join a farm share: Farm share programs are available across the city, offering weekly boxes of farm-fresh foods at affordable rates, through companies such as GrowNYC and Corbin Hill. If there’s one in walking distance, spread the word to your co-workers, or organize a weekly walk over to pick up your shares together.
  • Start a recipe swap: Invite your co-workers, family, or friends to share their favorite healthy recipes. Want to kick things up a notch? Make a contest out of it: have everyone prepare their dish to be judged - and enjoyed!
  • Mix up your drinks: Try out some yummy flavor-infused water recipes with your co-workers, family, or friends.
  • Make it a movie night: Get together with co-workers, family, or friends to watch a food-related documentary, such as Sugar Coated, Soul Food Junkies, What The Health, or Fed Up. Don’t forget to bring healthy snacks, like air-popped popcorn!