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Let's Get Moving, NYC!

WorkWell NYC is on a mission to move more! Join us this fall for STEPtember – a fun month-long walking challenge where thousands of City employees will walk, run, or roll towards our collective goal of a billion steps! Join employees from across the City to get moving while having a blast and working together to reach a billion steps.

Challenge dates: September 10th - October 8th (Registration closed)


There are two ways to participate in the STEPtember Billion Step Challenge:

1) On a team: Represent your agency on a team with up to 20 of your co-workers

2) Individually: Challenge yourself to hit 10,000 steps every day of the challenge

**All participants will automatically be enrolled in the individual challenge and can opt into the team challenge. (See registration instructions for how to join your agency’s team.)**


Challenge Details

Here’s everything you need to know about the STEPtember Challenge.  Learn More


Who: STEPtember is for City of New York employees only.

What: STEPtember is a month-long walking challenge, where City employees will step on teams and individually towards a collective goal of a billion steps. Over 400 teams will be participating from across 70+ agencies. View a list of teams by agency here.

When: STEPtember starts on September 10th and ends on October 8th.

Where: Everywhere! Your steps can be counted no matter where you are, whether you are walking on your commute to work, with a lunchtime walking group, on an after-work run or a walk around the block.

Just make sure you have your phone or activity tracker with you!

Why: Walking is an easy way to get more physical activity during the day. Learn how walking can benefit your health and get tips to help you get moving here.



Challenge Rules

Check out the challenge rules and learn how you and your team can win the STEPtember Billion Step Challenge! Learn More


About MoveSpring

The STEPtember Walking Challenge is powered by MoveSpring – a digital platform that tracks steps across users.  Learn More


Using MoveSpring is as easy as 1-2-3!


MoveSpring Icon

1. Download the app
MoveSpring can be accessed by an app on your mobile device or through an Internet browser on your computer.

2. Connect a device
To participate in the challenge, you will need to connect a step tracker to your MoveSpring account, such as a smart phone or wearable device (FitBit, Apple Watch, Garmin, etc). A list of pairable devices can be found here.

Whether you are using your smart phone or a wearable device to track your steps, be sure to keep it on you at all times to ensure all your steps are accounted for during the challenge!

3. Sync your steps

The MoveSpring app does not sync your steps unless the app is open on your phone! This is to prevent your battery from being drained. While the app is able to pull up to 5 days’ worth of steps at once, we encourage you to open the app at least once daily to ensure all your steps are shown in real-time.

To use an Android phone to track your steps, you will also need to download the Google Fit app in order to sync your steps in the MoveSpring app.

Apple and Google Fit users can only sync via the app. Learn how to sync your steps on your computer here.



Frequently Asked Questions

All participants are encouraged to read this section. Be sure to refer to the FAQs if you have technical questions about the MoveSpring app or the challenge structure.  Learn More


Help & Support

WorkWell NYC and the MoveSpring Support Team are here to help you step your way to success!  Learn More



Technical Issues:

If you have viewed the FAQs and are still having technical issues, the MoveSpring Support Team can help troubleshoot!

There are 3 ways to contact MoveSpring Support:

  • In the app: Click on “profile” in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, then scroll down to the bottom and select the green “Message Support” button. An in-app chat box will then appear for you to message support.
  • Online: Sign in to your MoveSpring account via the web and click on the chat icon in the lower right-hand corner.
  • By email: Send an email to MoveSpring Support here.


General questions about the challenge:

Feel free to reach out to the WorkWell NYC team at