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Now, more than ever.

NYC is a cultural melting pot, rich with global and local traditions. It is our diversity that makes our City great. However, the reality is that not all residents share equal access and opportunity to health care and resources. Wellbeing is too often impacted by structural barriers – racism, inequality, and injustice – that impact health outcomes and disproportionally burden communities during public health emergencies.

As the City’s workplace wellness group, WorkWell NYC believes that every person should have the opportunity to live their healthiest life, regardless of their age, Art is Life Virtual Exhibitrace, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality, or ability. We are committed to addressing matters of inequity and providing platforms to educate and develop structural solutions to health and wellness in and out of work. This begins with the launch of Project B.U.I.L.D--Building Understanding, Inclusion, Learning and Diversity—an initiative that serves to:

  • Develop and promote educational tools and materials that foster mutual understanding at the workplace,
  • Provide platforms for dialogue to amplify unheard voices, create community, and develop creative solutions to long-standing problems
  • Create WorkWell NYC programming that is inclusive, accessible, and reflects the diverse needs of our City
  • Provide resources and materials for worksites seeking support to continue work at the local level

We live in, work in, and serve our City.

There is nothing more important than our collective health and well-being and there is no better time to create communities that foster mutual respect, understanding and acceptance. Together, we can B.U.I.L.D pathways to the fair and equitable City we all know is possible. Stronger, together.


View the Project B.U.I.L.D. Glossary here for common terms and definitions to know.


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