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Welcome to Project XYZ, an inclusive wellness community for NYC’s youngest employees!

WorkWell NYC knows that different generations have different needs and interests – so we created Project XYZ to focus on wellness for employees from Generations Y and Z. Project XYZ builds community amongst young City professionals through programs and events that address the real life circumstances that impact your health and wellbeing.


While Project XYZ is tailored to generations Y and Z, WorkWell NYC recognizes that many of these resources can be helpful to people of any age! We like to think of the “X” in Project XYZ as the X factor for city employees of any age who find value in these programs and want to follow along on this journey!

We are happy you are here! Check out our programs, resources, and events below to learn how you can get involved with Project XYZ:






Tools and Resources


Common Generation Y and Z concerns  Learn More


Recent and upcoming programming focuses on common Generation Y and Z concerns such as:

  • How will I ever pay off my mounting student loan debt?
  • Will I have to live with roommates or at home forever? How do I get access to affordable housing?
  • Which health influencers can I trust on social media?
  • How can I make my home a healthy haven instead of a clutter hotspot?
  • How can I navigate the civil service career ladder?
  • What are some key things I need to know before starting a fitness routine?
  • What are some free city-sponsored events happening around my neighborhood?


And much more!

Project XYZ FAQs  Read the Questions and Answers


Who is generation Y? Generation Y is also commonly known as the Millennial Generation. Members of Generation Y are people born between 1981 and 1996.


Who is generation Z? Generation Z is the age cohort immediately following Generation Y. Members of Generation Z were born around 1997 and later. Members of Generation Z are growing up during the age of digital technology and tend to be tech savvy.


Can I participate in Project XYZ programs if I was born before 1981? Absolutely! We like to the think of the X in Project XYZ as the X factor – if our programs resonate with you, join us! Project XYZ programs and events are open to any City employee who relates to our mission.

Where can I share ideas for events and activities I’m interested in seeing? We are always open to suggestions. Please email with your input and ideas!



Project XYZ