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Our Take Action program makes preventing illness easier by offering workplace screenings, vaccinations and other helpful tools to connect you with the information you need to get healthy and stay healthy.

The best defense is a good offense – especially when it comes to your health! WorkWell NYC wants you to stay on top of your health status by seeing a primary health care provider regularly and lowering your risk for disease by living a healthy lifestyle.


Current Programs

Our programs are designed to help employees take action to prevent disease and live well. Learn more below


Flu Shots

Free Flu Shots

Free flu shots are available at WorkWell NYC clinics, participating pharmacies, and in-network medical offices. Learn More



ESCAPE Program

ESCAPE (Employee Smoking Cessation Assistance Program)

ESCAPE offers free quit-smoking medications and support for employees and their families. Learn More



Diabetes prevention Program

DPP (Diabetes Prevention Program)

DPP is a life-changing, year-long program that empowers employees to lead healthier lifestyles and reduce their risk for type 2 diabetes. Learn More



Blood Pressure

Let’s Bring The Pressure Down (Hypertension Prevention and Management)

Let’s Bring The Pressure Down is a ten-week program designed to help employees prevent and control high blood pressure. Learn More



Having a Primary Care Provider is more important than ever! Get tips for choosing the right provider for you here.


Tools and Resources


Prevention and Primary Care  Learn More


Chronic Disease and Prevention  Learn More


  • Diabetes Risk Test Use this risk test to determine your risk for type 2 diabetes.
  • Heart Age Calculator Use this calculator to determine the age of your heart based on your risk factors for heart disease.
  • Preventing Diabetes: A Family Affair Use this webinar recording to learn how families can work together to prevent and manage diabetes.
  • Men’s Health Matters Use this webinar recording to learn how men can maximize their health and how to support the men in your life on their health journey.
  • Goal Setting Worksheet Use this worksheet to set SMART health goals and make a plan to achieve them.

Quitting Smoking  Learn More


Particiipant Feedback

“I have learned to check out the labels of everything I buy to see how much sodium and sugar is in it. I have become conscious of everything I eat and started using smaller portions. I have gained a lot of new friends who help to keep me motivated and on track!!”

– DPP participant

Questions? Contact Us at workwell@olr.nyc.gov