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Spending time outside can boost your mood, improve your concentration, and decrease stress. This summer, get outside, move more, and make NYC your gym!   Learn more


Work Well. Live Well. Be Well.

WorkWell NYC is New York City’s workplace wellness program. Our mission is to empower all 380,000 City employees to live healthy, active lifestyles – at work, at home, and beyond. We offer convenient, accessible programs, tools, and resources to support you at every stage of your wellness journey.



Our Programs

WorkWell NYC offers programs and activities that fit your lifestyle when you’re at work, at home and on the go.  Explore each of our program areas below and discover what WorkWell NYC can bring to your worksite and beyond!


Eat Well Move More Be Well Take Action
Healthy Eating Physical Activity

Mental Well-being




Wellness Spotlight

Nicole White: Bringing Your Passion to Work

Learn more about Nicole's inspiring fitness journey and hear from the other City employees about their journey to wellness here.


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