Budget Director
Jacques Jiha, Ph.D.

Chief of Staff
Joseph Taranto

First Deputy Budget Director
Kenneth Godiner

Deputy Director for Financing Policy and Coordination
David Womack

Deputy Director for Housing and Economic Development, Technical Services, and Community Development
Tara Boirard

Deputy Director for City Revenues, Economics, and Policy
Francesco Brindisi

Deputy Director for Health and Social Services
David Greenberg

Deputy Director for Administration of Justice, Administrative Agencies and Elected Officials, Fire and Sanitation
Justin Walter

Associate Director for Capital Budget, Financial and Personnel Planning, Budget Systems, Leases, and Publications Coordination
Paul Tymus

Associate Director of Education
Seritta Scott

Associate Director for Parks, Infrastructure, Parks and Capital Coordination
Sallina Yung

General Counsel and MWBE Officer
Prescott Ulrey

EEO Officer
Kathryn Johnson