Budget Director
Melanie Hartzog

Chief of Staff
Avi Fink

First Deputy Budget Director
Kenneth Godiner

Deputy Director for Financing Policy and Coordination
Alan Anders

Deputy Director for Expense and Capital Budget Coordination
Charles Brisky

Deputy Director for Budget Resources and Recovery Grant Management
John Grathwol

Deputy Director for Administrative Agencies and Elected Officials, Administration of Justice, Fire, Parks, and Sanitation, and Technology Budget and Management
Kristine Ryan

Deputy Director for Housing and Economic Development, Technical Services, and Community Development
Tara Boirard

Deputy Director for Tax Policy and Revenue Forecasting, Policy and Operations Research, and Economic Analysis
Francesco Brindisi

Associate Director for Health and Social Services
David Greenberg

Associate Director for Infrastructure and Capital Project Scope Development
Lizette Christoff

Associate Director for Education and CUNY
Nicolas Storellicastro

General Counsel and MWBE Officer
Prescott Ulrey