Announcement, March 31, 2021

Annual Transit Card Enrollment and Return Policy for May 2021

Participants enrolled in the Commuter Benefits Program Annual Transit Card plan have until April 8 to update your Annual Transit Card (ATC) for the month of May 2021.

To switch your enrollment to a new plan or to cancel your enrollment altogether, you need to log into your agency's payroll portal to make the change here:

If you miss the April 8 deadline, you have the option of returning your May ATC to Edenred Commuter Benefits in exchange for a credit to your commuter account (please allow 60 to 90 days for credits to post). See return instructions below:

Edenred must receive the card by May 1, 2021

Return ATC cards by mail to:

Edenred Commuter Benefit Solutions
P.O. Box 540515
Waltham, MA 02454

Please make sure to include your full name and specify that you are a City of New York employee.

Participating employees can review their Commuter Benefits Program information and account balances on the Edenred website at

Employees can also call the Edenred Customer Service Center at 1-833-584-8109, Monday - Friday, 8:00AM - 8:00PM


Announcement, November 20, 2020

No change to monthly pre-tax limit for year 2021

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that the limit on monthly pre-tax contributions toward qualified transportation and parking expenses for 2021 remains at $270 each, which is unchanged from tax year 2020. Employees enrolled in the Commuter Benefits Program can elect up to $540 pre-tax per month to use toward a combination of eligible transportation and parking benefits.


Announcement, July 13, 2020

Reopening of Edenred Walk-In Center for Annual Transit Cards Replacement

The Edenred Commuter Benefits Walk-In Center has reopened for the replacement of Annual Transit Cards only. A valid photo ID is required for the replacement.

450 7th Ave, Floor 19, Room 1906
New York, NY 10123
(Between 34th and 35th Streets)

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM


  • You are required to wear a face mask or face covering in all common areas of the facility.
  • Entrance doors will remain open during peak entry periods to provide a touchless entry.
  • See-through protective screens have been installed at each manned station for keeping social distancing.
  • All public areas have been cleaned and disinfected in strict adherence with the CDC guidelines and product recommendations.

You may still order the replacements for Annual Transit Cards online at or by phone at 1-833-584-8109. You will have the option to receive the replacement card at your address on file or pick it up at the Edenred Commuter Benefits Walk-In Center.



Announcement, June 12, 2020

Edenred COVID-19 Updates and Policies

Due to COVID-19, Commuter Benefits participants have had questions regarding how to adjust their transit orders. To answer questions about suspensions, returns, and refunds, Edenred has developed the COVID-19 Updates and Policies page for employees enrolled in the below commuter plans:

  • Access-a-Ride
  • Annual Transit Card
  • NYC Commuter Card
  • Transit Pass (including LIRR and MNR ticket orders)
  • Park-n-Ride


Announcement, March 31, 2020
MTA New York Return Policy

Annual Transit Card (return deadline 1st of the month by 8pm)

  • Return by mail: PO Box 540515, Waltham, MA 02454

MTA MetroCards (return accepted anytime)

  • Unopened MetroCards can be returned to Edenred at PO Box 540515, Waltham, MA 02454

Returns are handled directly with the transit authority.


Announcement, March 23, 2020

For employees enrolled in the Commuter Benefits program who are temporarily working from home:

In addition to the payroll deductions suspension (see the March 19 Announcement) you can temporarily suspend your transit product orders. Any plan except for the Annual Transit Card is eligible. If you are enrolled in the Annual Transit Card, you may switch to a different plan or cancel the enrollment.

Transit product orders must be suspended directly with Edenred at or with the Transit Provider as follows:

Commuter Plan How to Suspend the Transit Product Order
Commuter Card(All Plans) Contact the transit provider directly (i.e. MTA Metro North Rail Road, Long Island Rail Road, MTA EasyPay Express, NJ Transit, etc.)
Transit Pass and Access-A-Ride or (833) 584-8109 (Mon – Fri, 8am-8pm)
Park-N-Ride or (833) 584-8109 (Mon – Fri, 8am-8pm)

Visit the Edenred site for more detailed Commuter Benefits information.


Announcement, March 19, 2020

For employees enrolled in the Commuter Benefits program who are temporarily working from home:

You may suspend your Commuter Benefits payroll deductions for any period up to one year.

The suspension is permitted for all Commuter plans except for the Annual Transit Card.

If you are enrolled in the Annual Transit Card, you may switch to a different plan or cancel the enrollment.

If you are enrolled in the Park-N-Ride plan, it will be suspended for the same period. Please note this will only suspend payroll deductions. To also suspend your Transit Pass orders, you must do so directly with Edenred at (833) 584-8109 or online at

You can check your Commuter Account balance on the Edenred website.

To suspend your Commuter Benefits:

Read more for information on April and May order cancellations.


Employees of the City of New York can use pre-tax and post-tax payroll deductions for certain public transportation costs through the Commuter Benefits Program. The current program is offered by Edenred Commuter Benefits, the City’s commuter benefits provider.

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Important Note

The Commuter Benefits Program is for NYC government employees only and is offered by Edenred, the City’s commuter benefit provider. Members of the public, including businesses and their employees: get more information about the Commuter Benefits Law, or call 311. The Commuter Benefits Law requires certain businesses to offer their eligible employees a pre-tax transportation deduction.