FAQ: Park-n-Ride

How does the Park-n-Ride Program work?

After you enroll in the Park-n-Ride Program, your elected deduction amount will be taken from your wages every pay day. Your deductions will be credited to your Parking Account at Edenred, the City's Transit Benefit provider. You select your Park-n-Ride payment option on the Edenred website. The deadline for making your choice each month is the 10th of the month. For example, you make your Park-n-Ride choice for February by January 10th. You can sign up for recurring monthly payments to your parking provider by selecting the frequency of "Every Month" and you will get the same order every month until you change or cancel it.

Are there any service fees for this program?

Yes, there is a $2.05 monthly administrative fee for account maintenance and transaction costs. The administrative fee is a post-tax deduction. It will be deducted from your pay when you are enrolled in this plan and deductions are being contributed to your parking account.

How is my W-2 affected?

Your taxable wages in Box 1, Social Security and Medicare wages in Boxes 3 and 5, and state and local wages in Boxes 16 and 18 will be reduced by the value of the pre-tax transportation deductions from your pay. The amount will be labeled "IRC132" in box 14. Your wages will not be adjusted by the value of administrative fee deductions.

What parking expenses are eligible under the Park-n-Ride Option?

Parking expenses at or near a public transportation stop or station that you use to commute to work. You must be enrolled in one of the other Commuter Benefit Program plans in order to participate in the Park-n-Ride option. You may fund your parking account with pre-tax dollars up to $265 per month. Pre-tax and post-tax deductions for the Park-n-Ride program are kept in a separate account for you at Edenred and cannot be comingled with your transportation account.

What parking expenses are not eligible?

Parking expenses that are not directly related to your commute to work on public transportation are not eligible. This includes parking at/or near your home or work location and any personal parking expenses that are unrelated to work. Only work-related parking is eligible for the special tax treatment of this program.

What payment options are available for Park-n-Ride?

There are several payment options available under the Park-n-Ride plan. The payment option that is right for you depends on the parking provider at your public transportation stop or station.
  1. Direct Pay Option – if you pay for a monthly permit for parking at your station or stop, you can sign up for direct payments to that parking provider.

  2. Commuter Card Option – if your parking provider accepts debit or credit cards, you can use this option to pay for your daily or monthly parking.

  3. Parking Cash Reimbursement Option – if your parking provider only accepts cash and the other options above won't work for your provider, you can also submit receipts and be reimbursed for your out-of-pocket expenses.

  1. Direct Pay Option - Monthly Parking Permits

    How does Direct Pay work?
    If you pay a monthly amount for your Park-n-Ride permit, you can have a payment sent directly to your provider from the funds in your account. Tell Edenred how much you pay monthly for your parking lot or garage and the payment will be sent directly to them each month on your behalf. All you need to do is place a one-time order that you can change or cancel in the future.

    If I use Direct Pay, do I still need to submit receipts?
    No. One of the convenient aspects of the Direct Pay service is that it eliminates the need for you to submit receipts.

    What happens if I leave City employment?
    You have 90 days after your separation date to spend the remaining funds in your parking account.

  2. Commuter Card Option

    How does the Commuter Card work?
    The Commuter Card is a stored value card that works like a credit card at parking providers who accept credit cards. This is the same Commuter Card that you will use for your transportation expenses. Both parking and transportation accounts are funded separately and each allows the $265 pre-tax as well as post-tax deductions. Note: even though the card contains funds for both accounts, it is programed to use those funds separately, i.e. balances from one fund cannot be used to cover expenses for the other.

    Is the Commuter Card a credit card?
    No, the Commuter Card is a stored value card, which works just like a credit card at parking providers. There is no line of credit available, and your personal credit is unaffected by use of the card - only the funds you elect to put on the card are available for use.

    What should I do if my parking facility doesn't accept credit cards?
    You should use our Direct Pay feature to pay for monthly parking or the Parking Cash Reimbursement feature for non-monthly parking.

    What happens if I leave City employment?
    You have 90 days after your separation date to spend the remaining funds on your Commuter Card or parking account.

  3. Parking Cash Reimbursement Option

    How does Parking Cash Reimbursement work?
    Find the information on how to file a paper or online claim on the Edenred website. Use the paper claim if you have receipts and online claim if you don’t have receipts.

    When can I submit claims?
    You can submit your claim as long as there are sufficient funds in your parking account to cover the amount you want to claim.

    When will I receive my reimbursement?
    Your claim will be processed within 2 business days of receipt. If your claim is approved, your reimbursement will be sent to you by direct deposit or check.

    What happens if I leave City employment?
    You have 90 days after your separation date to spend the remaining funds on your Commuter Card or parking account.

How do I enroll in the Commuter Benefits Program Park-n-Ride plan?

How can I check my parking account balance?

Use the following options to access your parking account balance with Edenred:
  • Log on to your account on Edenred website.

  • Call Edenred Customer Service at 833-584-8109 Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm and follow the prompts to check your balance. You will be required to provide the last four digits of your Employee Reference Number (ERN) and home zip code.

For additional information visit Edenred website or call Edenred Customer Service at 833-584-8109 Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm.