You are eligible for this plan if you are enrolled in one of the following Edenred Commuter Benefit Plans: Annual Transit Card Plan, Commuter Card Plan, or Transit Pass Plan. 

If in order to get to work you need to drive to a public transportation stop or station, then Park-n-Ride plan will help you with your parking expenses at or near that station. Only transit-related parking is eligible.

In this plan, you fund your Edenred parking account with your pre-tax (up to $265 per month) and post-tax (over $265 per month) payroll deductions. Monthly administrative fee $2.05 is paid by additional post-tax payroll deduction.

Edenred offers three payment options to pay to your parking provider:

  • Direct Pay Option – if you use a monthly parking permit, you can sign up for direct payments to that parking provider.

  • Commuter Card Option – if your parking provider accepts debit or credit cards, you can use your Commuter Card for both parking and transportation expenses, daily or monthly. 

  • Parking Cash Reimbursement Option – if your parking provider only accepts cash, you can submit receipts and be reimbursed for your out-of-pocket expenses.

You can select your preferred payment option on Edenred website three business days after your enrollment.

Use the Edenred Calculator to calculate your estimated savings.

Find your agency Commuter Benefit Coordinator.

See Park-n-Ride FAQ.