Announcement, October 21, 2019

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides important Paycheck Checkup reminders to help you avoid tax-time surprises.

Download the IRS publications:

IRS Publication 4929 "Is Your Refund or Tax Bill Too Big?"

IRS Publication 5303 "Paycheck Checkup Can Prevent a Tax-Time Surprise"

IRS Publication 5360 "How to Check Your Taxes Now to Avoid Surprises Later"

Announcement, January 2019

The IRS issued the 2019 Withholding Tables reflecting changes. Employees will see their paycheck changes in January.

Visit the IRS site for more information.

See the IRS Withholding Tables Frequently Asked Questions.

Find out how your tax dollars are allocated and learn about available programs and credits.

Contents of the Tax section:

Affordable Care Act

If you were a full-time employee of the City of New York during any part of 2019, you will receive a 2019 1095-C form even if you did not elect health insurance through the City.

Download Form 1095-C 2018 Information to learn more about this form.