Announcement, January 2019

The IRS has issued the 2019 Withholding Tables and Frequently Asked Questions reflecting changes. Employees will see their paycheck changes in January.

Announcement, September 2018

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) urges everyone who works as an employee and has income from other sources to perform a Paycheck Checkup.

Download the Paycheck Checkup instructions for further details.


Every employee must complete two Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificates, one for the federal government and one for state and local governments. The marital status and number of allowances you claim on these certificates determine the amount of taxes that are withheld from your pay.

The Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificates are:

  • For federal taxes: the W-4 form filed with the Internal Revenue Service
  • For  NYS/NYC/Yonkers taxes: the IT-2104 form filed with the NY State Department of Taxation and Finance.

Employees can check their allowances and submit Withholding Allowance Certificates electronically through NYCAPS Employee Self Service (ESS), in most cases.

To help taxpayers better understand the implications of the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and to encourage people to check or change their withholding, the IRS has developed a video series:

  • Paycheck Checkup
  • IRS Withholding Calculator Tips
  • Do I Need to Fill Out a New W-4?