The Audit Services Unit oversees external audit activity throughout the City, including examinations conducted by governmental and non-governmental entities, such as the New York City and New York State Comptrollers, New York State and Federal grantors, as well as the City’s independent auditors.  These examinations assess how the City conducts its business, handles its finances, and fulfills its commitments.  As such, auditors work to help ensure that the right policies and procedures are in place and are followed, so that waste is reduced, desired outcomes are achieved, resources are used effectively and efficiently, and expenses and revenue are accounted for and reported properly.

The Audit Services Unit also conducts an annual assessment of agency internal controls based in part upon City Comptroller Directive No. 1, Financial Integrity Statement submissions. This work reviews the extent to which an agency establishes practices and procedures promoting operational and financial integrity.

NYC Single Audit Reports

Pursuant to federal requirements, the City of New York conducts annual independent audits of its federal grant awards. Related findings, schedules, and other disclosures are presented in the Single Audit Report, which is submitted to the United States Census Bureau as the National Clearinghouse for the receipt of Single Audit Reports from State and local governments.

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