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Restaurant Revitalization Program (RRP)

Money to help restaurant workers affected by the COVID-19 crisis and advance equity in the recovery process


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RRP provides up to $30,000 to select restaurants to pay unemployed or under-employed workers affected by the COVID-19 crisis. This 6- to 12-week program helps restaurants that want to support their workers’ financial well-being and help feed community members in need.

How it works

  • Restaurants can apply for up to a maximum of $30,000 to pay the wages of five or more workers for 6–12 weeks.
  • Restaurants pay wages upfront and submit records for NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA) to pay them back. HRA can provide 25% of the total funds granted to each restaurant at the start of the program.
  • HRA reimburses the restaurant for wages of $20 per hour plus up to 25% of the required fringe benefits (such as social security, medicare, etc.) for the program period. You do not need to pay employees $20 per hour after the program ends but must commit to paying at least minimum wage over time.
  • Workers in the program prepare regular meals plus free meals for community members affected by COVID-19.
  • Your restaurant must keep and share payroll information and report on wages and other practices during and after the program.
  • Your restaurant should follow all local guidelines for COVID-19-related safety measures.
  • You can also apply for One Fair Wage’s High Road Kitchens program, which offers extra money for supplies, food, or other needs.


To be eligible for RRP, you must:

  • Plan to pay all employees at least the non-tipped minimum wage ($15/hour with tips on top) within five years of your restaurant returning to regular practices
  • Agree to serve at least 500 free meals to community members affected by COVID-19, including those who are food insecure, essential workers, or others facing challenges

Selection into the program also depends on how well your restaurant meets criteria, including:

  • Commitment to “high road” employer practices that promote livable wages; greater race and gender equity in recruitment, hiring, promotion, training, and evaluation; and other worker-friendly conditions
  • Number of free meals above the 500 minimum that you propose to serve
  • Location in a high-needs area
  • Use of local or regional produce and goods that support the regional system’s needs
  • Your need and ability to take part in the program

Application Process

To apply for RRP, fill out the online application. The application requests background information about your restaurant, information about how you meet the criteria above, and budget details.

To get an award, you must submit a complete application and respond promptly to any follow-up questions. Delays in submitting information can mean a longer wait for an award decision.

Application Timeline

The first round of applications are due June 19, with award announcements starting the week of June 22. Restaurants can continue to apply on a rolling basis, depending on the availability of funds.

Other funding available

NYC is partnering with One Fair Wage’s High Road Kitchens program. he program offers flexible funding for supplies, food, or other needs for restaurants that commit to One Fair Wage’s employment principles. Restaurants that take part in High Road Kitchen will get full points for “high road” practices on their RRP application.

Learn more and apply

Learn more

To find out more about the program structure, application process, selection criteria, and other opportunities for restaurants affected by COVID-19: