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Social Indicators and Equity Report

SIER Report Cover 2019

NYC Opportunity also generates the Social Indicators and Equity Report, an analysis of social conditions across New York City, including geographic and demographic breakdowns, changes over time, and the Mayor's plan for responding to problems highlighted in the report.

  • The Social Indicators and Equity Report provides an overall statistical portrait of the City, providing a clearer understanding of areas in which there are unmet needs, and areas in which progress is being made.
  • This report is meant to help guide the City's efforts to reduce disparities and advance equity. Presenting data about conditions in disaggregated form can reveal differences that exist among different parts of the City and within specific populations.
Read the Social Indicators and Equity Report - 2019

Past Social Indicator and Equity Reports


This is an update of the 2016 report, looking at new data and changes in conditions that have occurred between the release of the last report through December 2017. Readers who want a fuller picture of social conditions in the city in recent years should read this supplementary report together with the 2016 Social Indicators Report.

Download the Social Indicators Report Update

Download the data from the Social Indicators Report Update

SIR 2016 Report Cover

Download the 2016 Social Indicators Report

See also, the released Disparity Report, on racial disparities between young men in Education, Economic Security and Mobility, Health and Wellbeing, and Community and Personal Safety produced by the Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence (CIDI).