New York City Panel on Climate Change

New York City Panel on Climate Change

NPCC 2015 Report

In February, the NPCC released Building the Knowledge for Climate Resiliency, which for the first time provided climate projections for temperatures precipitation, and sea level through 2100.

In addition to providing climate projections through 2100, NPCC2’s new content today includes:

  • New coastal flood risk maps to the end of the century for the current 100-year (1 percent annual chance of occurrence) and 500-year (0.2 percent annual chance of occurrence) coastal flood events.
  • Enhanced dynamic flood inundation modeling of future coastal flooding that includes the effects of sea level rise.
  • A review of key issues related to climate change health risks.
  • A process for enhancing a New York City Climate Resiliency Indicators and Monitoring System.

Flood Zones

Map of 100 Year Flood Zones

This NPCC map predicts how each borough would be affected by sea level rise.

Rising Temperatures

More Hot Days Annually

In the coming years NYC will grow hotter.

Increasing Precipitation

More Rainfall Annually

Heavy rainfall has been increasing with more expected in the coming years.