New York City Panel on Climate Change

New York City Panel on Climate Change

The New York City Panel on Climate Change (NPCC) is a critical part of MOR initiatives. NPCC is a Mayor-appointed advisory board of researchers with expertise on issues pertaining to climate change. NPCC's main charge, as generally articulated in Local Law 42 of 2012, is to provide an authoritative source of actionable information on future climate change and its potential impacts to support City decision-making. NPCC achieves these goals through climate analysis and integrated, transdisciplinary assessment every three years.

NPCC's fourth assessment initiative (NPCC4) will meet the requirements of local law and the evolving needs of the public good through improved engagement, interactive information dissemination, and new assessment of emerging science on vulnerability, impacts, and adaptation. NPCC is at an exciting juncture where a new leadership team and panel members will be appointed by the City, with the goal of releasing the first in a series of NPCC4 products (e.g. web-based reports, graphics, visualizations, etc) starting in Fall of 2021.

With this request, MOR is seeking nominations for authoritative, representative, and diverse scholars and scientists committed to New York City's longstanding climate response. MOR will work with previous and new NPCC leadership to evaluate the nominations and identify approximately 15 scientists covering a range of scientific and research disciplines and relevant fields of technical practice (e.g. design, architecture and engineering).

Please download and review the full Call for Nominations before proceeding with nominations.

Download the Call for Nominations

Nominations must be submitted using this electronic form by 5 pm Eastern time on Monday, January 13, 2020.

Nomination Form

For more information about the Call for Nominations, please contact Adam Parris at

MOR held two informational webinars from November to December 2019. If you're you were unable to join the webinars and would like more information, please review these resources.

Call for Nominations FAQ
NPCC4 Preliminary Planning & Call for Nominations Webinar Presentation

NPCC 2019 Report

In March, the NPCC released Advancing Tools and Methods for Flexible Adaptation Pathways and Science Policy Integration, which reaffirms the 2015 NPCC projections as the projections of record for New York City.

NPCC3's key findings include:

  • Observed trends in annual temperatures and precipitation increases are in line with the NPCC2 projections for the 2020s (2010-2039) affirming that New York City is planning on the right track.
  • Should emissions remain high, there is a physical plausibility, toward the end of the century, of sea levels rising faster than previously anticipated due to Antarctic Ice Sheet destabilization.
  • New maps showing monthly tidal flooding (MMHW) that provide a new understanding of flood risk and recurring “sunny-day” flood events due to sea level rise.
  • Advancing research on how equity concerns can be incorporated into climate change vulnerability assessments and community adaptation planning.
  • Advancing research on ways to track and measure climate impacts and adaptation.

Flood Zones

Map of 100 Year Flood Zones

This NPCC map predicts how each borough would be affected by sea level rise.

Rising Temperatures

More Hot Days Annually

In the coming years NYC will grow hotter.

Increasing Precipitation

More Rainfall Annually

Heavy rainfall has been increasing with more expected in the coming years.