OneNYC is the City's blueprint for the future. The plan builds on prior long-term plans and sets the stage for our city's fifth century. OneNYC continues to focus on the core themes of past plans- growth, sustainability, and resiliency- and is guided by an additional focus on equity and a regional perspective. The plan is organized around four themes.
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Vision 1: Our Growing, Thriving City
NYC will continue to be the world's most dynamic urban economy where families, businesses, and neighborhoods thrive.
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Vision 2: Our Just and Equitable City
NYC will have an inclusive, equitable economy that offers well-paying jobs and opportunity for all to live with dignity and security
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Vision 3: Our Sustainable City
NYC will be the most sustainable big city in the world and a global leader in the fight against climate change
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Vision 4: Our Resilient City
Our neighborhoods, economy, and public services are ready to withstand and emerge stronger from the impacts of climate change and other 21st century threats.
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The City is using our municipal levers to realize the positive economic opportunities associated with new investments including:

  1. Incentivizing market demand through city purchasing power and procurement;
  2. Studying regulation, zoning, and land-use changes to achieve 80 x 50, and
  3. Institutionalizing sustainability citywide.