About Paris Tandem

About Paris Tandem

Paris Tandem poster featuring the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower

Paris and New York have for generations shared a close relationship as people, ideas, art, culture, and values have united the two global metropolises. This connection will be celebrated with an extraordinary cultural exchange lasting from June to October, bringing together a diverse and rich program of cultural offerings for audiences on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Paris-New York Tandem 2016 is organized by the City of Paris and the Institut français, in partnership with the support of the City of New York, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States and the United States Embassy in France. Paris has spearheaded of number of Tandems with other cities since 2011, including Buenos Aires, Berlin, Dakar, and London.

Read the welcoming remarks to this year's Tandem by Mayor de Blasio and Mayor Hidalgo.

We invite residents of New York and Paris to discover the other city's artists and works by exploring the wide range of programming planned throughout the Paris-New York Tandem. You can find a full schedule of events in New York City and in Paris.