Mayor de Blasio

Editorial by Bill de Blasio

New York City and Paris are both international capitals of the arts, and the diverse, vibrant cultural landscapes of our cities have been shaped by generations of artists, dancers, musicians, writers, and creators who have lived and worked in the City that Never Sleeps and the City of Light.

Our two metropolises have been undeniably influenced by one another through a constant, free-flowing exchange of ideas and artistic innovations. New York is thrilled to have the chance to continue the dynamic conversation between our artistic communities with this year's Paris-New York Tandem.

Thanks to a partnership between our embassies and the French Institute, Tandem will run from June to October and offer New Yorkers and Parisians a myriad of opportunities to explore the work of artists from both cities. The many events being held here in the five boroughs and in Paris will help residents learn more about the cultural communities in each city and encourage them to explore and celebrate the ways in which we are different, as well as how we are bound together through artistic expression.

My administration is committed to providing all of our residents, especially our young people, with access to the arts, and ensuring that everyone has opportunities to experience the transformative benefits cultural activity brings – a mission that Mayor Hidalgo and the people of Paris share. Tandem will offer students in each city the opportunity to learn more about the arts through engaging projects in their classrooms and exciting field trips.

I am delighted to embark on this cultural adventure with Paris and look forward to Tandem's programming fostering even greater exchange of ideas between our cities. Together, we will take another step toward forging a brighter, stronger future where art and culture are for everyone, providing a foundation for partnership, exchange, and collaboration.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo

Editorial by Anne Hidalgo

Paris and New York feed on the ceaseless contribution of cultures coming from all around the world. Since their origins, they share this unique taste for diversity and novelty, which is found in every aspect of the daily life, in every neighborhood, and in the heart of each of their inhabitants.

It is this fundamental convergence of opinion that comes today to seal the Tandem Paris-New York, organized in partnership with the French Institute and the embassies of our two countries. From June to October, this period dedicated to culture and sharing will demonstrate for all to see, the tremendous vitality of our arts scene – sign of international attractiveness for our two metropolises.

At the core of this Tandem, we have valued youth and innovation. This is why, in addition to meetings dedicated to the cinema, music and hip hop, many events are dedicated to start-ups and to arts education for all the audiences will take place in our cities.

I wish that the Tandem Paris-New York gives Parisians and New-Yorkers the opportunity to discover or better understand their mutual cultural universes, and to reaffirm through arts and emotion the fraternal values that unite them.