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The City of New York

With one out of three New Yorkers foreign-born and over 200 languages spoken on its streets, New York City is the most global city in the world. At a time when cities are growing faster than ever, partnerships with other global cities - including Paris - provide important opportunities for sharing best practices and learning around urban challenges, and identifying opportunities for local leadership, such as in immigrant inclusion and climate mitigation. The New York City Mayor's Office for International Affairs works to support these partnerships by providing a global platform from which New York City promotes its goals for a more equitable and inclusive society and cultivating critical partnerships with the international community. The Tandem exchange with Paris gives all New Yorkers the opportunity to explore and consider the fundamental commitment to cultural expression and creative freedom shared by these two global cities.

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The City of Paris

The General Delegation for International Relations of the City of Paris is implementing the international projects of the City of Paris in accordance with the priorities defined by the Mayor. Through its projects, the city is protecting fundamental freedoms, demonstrating its solidarity with the populations of developing countries and providing assistance to victims in emergency situations. Exchange is at the heart of the international policy of Paris, whether it be exchange in terms of cultural cooperation and administrative policy or in terms of urban cooperation, urban planning, the development of assets and health. Every year since 2011 (Buenos Aires in 2011, Berlin in 2012, Dakar in 2013, etc.), Paris, together with the French Institute, has been holding a cultural dialogue with a global city via a series of cross-cultural events in the two cities in partnership with the French Institute.

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The French Institute

Created in 2011 under the authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, the French Institute is the main body of French cultural diplomacy. It contributes toward strengthening the cultural influence of France abroad and to the development of international exchange in a spirit of dialogue, receptivity and openness between states. From the French language to academic expertise via cinema, the visual arts, dance, theatre, gastronomy, sport, new technologies and education, the principle of a culture in the broad sense of the term has become an important tool in opening up cultural borders and spreading the influence of France abroad.
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Embassy of the United States of America in France

The Cultural Affairs and Press Sections of the U.S. Embassy in Paris serve as a liaison between the government of the United States of America and the French people. Its mission is to promote U.S. society and culture and to widely share the U.S.'s commitment to the values of citizenship, tolerance, and the fight against discrimination and extremism, as well as to advocate for transatlantic trade and economic inclusion. We cooperate with various government and local authorities, with civil society and with the private sector. Our efforts are focused on youth and socially-vulnerable people while still reaching out to our traditional audience. To carry out our mission, we support educational and professional exchanges and community arts projects that advance the Franco-American dialogue in compliance with Department of State priorities.

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Embassy of France in the United States of America

The Cultural Services of the French Embassy promotes the best of French culture across the entirety of the American territory. Based in New York City, Washington D.C., and eight other cities across the country, the Cultural Services concentrate on arts, literature, cinema, digital innovation, and the promotion of French and cooperation in higher education. By building partnerships between institutions and universities on both sides of the Atlantic, they facilitate tours of artists, authors, intellectuals and innovators to the United States. In New York, the bookshop Albertine fosters French-American intellectual and artistic exchange, therefore prolonging the mission of the cultural services.
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