About Strategic Partnerships

About the Office of Strategic Partnerships

Inequality is the greatest crisis facing New York City today. Fighting inequality and promoting opportunity for all New Yorkers must be an all-hands-on-deck effort, utilizing the skills, expertise and resources of multiple sectors.

In 2014, the Mayor’s Office of Strategic Partnerships (OSP) was created to develop strategic partnerships that further the Administration’s goal of making New York City the fairest big city in the nation.  By harnessing the resources and expertise of the business, philanthropic and non-profit sectors, we can offer solutions to the City’s most pressing challenges that are both innovative and consistent with of vision of making New York a more equitable city.  The OSP coordinates and oversees the priorities and strategies of the City-affiliated nonprofits, called Funds, with an eye on bringing greater collaboration, efficiency and alignment to the City’s public-private partnerships.  From its unique vantage point in City Hall, the OSP has a global view, matching the needs of communities and service providers with the varied resources of the City’s diverse private and philanthropic partners in a way that is aligned with and resonant of the governing principles and priorities of the Administration. This means more than a one-stop-shop for civic engagement and investment; the OSP can elevate, harness and co-create the City’s public-private partnerships in a way that ensures that communities, agencies and the Funds are working in concert, across silos and across the City to meet the needs of all New Yorkers.

From its perch within City Hall, the office:

  • Serves as the central entry point for strategic partnerships across City government
  • Coordinates and aligns the work of the City’s independent nonprofit organizations and organizations that serve as private partners to City agencies
  • Aligns common goals of the private and public sector to enhance New York City’s ability to serve its residents
The office oversees the city-affiliated nonprofit organizations, which serve as vehicles for New York City's business and philanthropic communities to contribute to public programs and enhance government’s ability to serve our residents. The City-affiliated nonprofits include:

Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City
Fund for Public Health
Fund for Public Housing
Fund for Public Schools
FDNY Foundation
NYC Police Foundation
Aging in New York Fund