The Mayor’s Office to Prevent Gun Violence, housed within the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, is the backbone of citywide efforts to work with New Yorkers as partners in reducing the remaining gun violence in New York City

"The complex challenges of gun violence are multi-faceted and go way beyond the gun. New Yorkers are on the front lines in making their neighborhoods stronger and safer — and they are our most important partners in co-producing public safety." —Eric Cumberbatch, Deputy Director of the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice.

New York City is already at the forefront nationally in the fight to end gun violence: the City has the lowest incidence of gun violence of any major U.S. city and 2016 had the fewest shootings in over 30 years. New York City has enacted some of the strongest gun laws in the country and pioneered a data-driven policing model, CompStat, which helped to drive an 83% decline in homicides between 1993 and 2016.

Reducing the remaining gun violence in the city will require not only the continuation of these strategies, but also innovative approaches that extend beyond traditional law enforcement to shift social norms and activate New Yorkers to help prevent shootings. The Office to Prevent Gun Violence, launched by Mayor de Blasio in February 2017, serves as the backbone of these innovative efforts.

The goals of the Office to Prevent Gun Violence are to coordinate the city's various anti-gun violence initiatives, amplify community-based intervention and prevention services, and introduce technological solutions to prevent gun violence to create safe, empowered and interconnected communities in New York City. 

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