Update on City Planning Business in light of COVID-19

Office Closures and Contact

To minimize the potential spread of COVID-19, all Department of City Planning (DCP) staff members are temporarily working remotely during normal business hours. The Central Office and all Borough Offices are currently closed.

If you need assistance, please call (212) 720-3300.

ULURP Suspension and Resumption

City Planning Commission meetings resumed remotely on August 3 for projects not subject to the City’s Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) or that were already in public review prior to a March 16 ULURP suspension, as well as for presentations on projects that will go into public review in the future.

The full ULURP process will resume on Sept. 14.

All Filing

DCP has temporarily revised filing protocols. Please call 212.720.3366 and leave a voicemail or e-mail savila@planning.nyc.gov.

The Zoning Application Portal will be updated as normal.

Zoning Verification Letters

To request a Zoning Verification Letter, please email emerlo@planning.nyc.gov. Please note that the payment process has changed and you will receive payment instructions in response.

Privately Owned Public Spaces and Waterfront Public Access Areas

Mayor Bill de Blasio temporarily suspended certain zoning requirements for Privately Owned Public Spaces (POPS) and Waterfront Public Access Areas (WPAA) by Executive Order No. 128. The JUNE 27, 2020 suspension aims to help eating, drinking and retail establishments and commercial buildings reopen after COVID-19 closures by increasing outdoor space that can be used for social distancing. For further details about these changes and related protocols, please read the Dept. of City Planning (DCP) compliance protocols for POPS and WPAA.