City Planning Commission Reports

The CPC Reports database search allows the user to search for CPC Reports which date from 1938 until the present. Throughout the years, the format of the CPC reports has changed and the information recorded about the reports has become more detailed. As a result, how the user accesses reports through this database search is dependent upon the year of the particular reports.

Please note that each CPC application and report was identified by a CP number from 1938 through mid-1976 and by a ULURP number from mid-1976 to the present.

  • For reports dated 1938 – 1970 and 1972-1975
    During this time period, all reports that were voted upon by the City Planning Commission on the same date are included in one Adobe Acrobat pdf document.
  • For the earliest of these reports (those voted upon from 1938-11/10/1948 and also on 12/17/1948 and 1/10/1949) there is no database information concerning the individual reports. The only search that will retrieve these reports is a date search.

    Each record in the results display has a link to the document containing all CPC reports from that date.

    In addition, an annual index of all reports voted upon by the CPC in the relevant year (or years) of the search is returned. Each index is organized by four categories: 1. CP#; 2. Page# of “Item”; 3. CPC Report Number; and 4. Page number of Report. If the user knows the CP# of a report and the year a report was voted on, but not the date that the report was voted on, the user can do a search within the PDF file (Ctrl+F) to quickly find the CP#, which will then give them the date of the vote. Or, if the user knows the CP# but only has a general sense of the year the report was voted on, they could open up multiple PDFs of Index files and perform a search to each one until they locate the CP#. Hint, a search by ULURP/CP# using the value “CP Index” will return all index pages from 1938 to 1968.

  • For reports voted upon from 11/17/1948 through 12/9/1970 and 1/5/1972 through 12/29/1975 the database contains the CP numbers and CPC vote dates of all reports. Therefore, these reports can be retrieved either by a date search or by a search by CP number.

    Although each report voted upon on a particular date is listed separately, the records all link to the same pdf document containing all reports of that date. Upon opening that document, the particular CPC report can be found using the Adobe Acrobat find command (Ctrl+F). Searches before 1969 also return the annual index for the year of the search.

    For these years, a search by a known CP number is also supported.

  • For reports dated 1/6/1971 through 12/13/1971 and for 1/1/1976 through mid-1976, CPC reports were still identified by CP number. For this time period, each pdf document contains only one CPC report. Searches by Vote Date and CP Number are supported.
  • From mid-1976 to the present, CPC reports are identified by ULURP number and each report is contained within its own pdf document. In addition, in some cases, as noted in the above chart, the reports may also be retrieved by searching for Application Type, Project Name, or Community District.