CITYRACKS Map - Outdoor Bicycle Parking

The CITYRACKS Map is part of an ongoing effort to provide an interactive map for cyclists to search for outdoor bicycle parking near a given location in the city. The map below, developed by the New York City Department of City Planning and the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT), indicates locations where the CITYRACKS program has installed outdoor bicycle parking. The NYCDOT's CITYRACKS program provides free bicycle parking racks on sidewalks throughout the five boroughs. This map shows the locations of over 6,000 outdoor racks and includes the street address closest to where the rack is installed, the number of racks, and the size of the racks.

The Department of City Planning is looking to improve the accuracy of existing data. To accomplish this, users are encouraged to report any errors found on the map via the form provided. User feedback will help enhance the quality of the data and improve the accuracy of results in the map to better inform cyclists on parking options. The map will be updated periodically.

The large green and white bike icons represent multiple bicycle parking locations while the smaller icons represent a single location. Zoom in to find the bicycle racks in a specific area.

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