POPS Design Competition Logo


    Director Lago has chosen a new logo to be represent the 550+ privately owned public spaces (POPS) from the Awardees of the New York City POPS Logo Design Competition, sponsored by DCP, Advocates for Privately Owned Public Space (APOPS), and The Municipal Art Society of New York (MAS). Check out the new official POPS logo and other Awardees at popslogo.nyc!

Zoning for Coastal Flood Resiliency: Planning for Resilient Neighborhoods


    Zoning for Coastal Flood Resiliency is a set of recommendations for a zoning text amendment to foster flood-resistant buildings and incorporate sea level rise in their designs as projected by the New York City Panel on Climate Change. The initiative proposes to make permanent zoning provisions that were adopted on a temporary basis in 2013 and improve them to reduce flood risks in the city’s most vulnerable areas now and in the future.

Zoning Resolution


    The Department of City Planning has launched a new online version of the Zoning Resolution. This enhanced interface is designed to be easier to read and use on all devices. It includes many new features such as quick links and improved search functions.

North Brooklyn Industry & Innovation Plan

    The North Brooklyn Industry & Innovation Plan, DCP’s largest study of an industrial area in decades, proposes strategies to update land use policy to support today’s businesses and grow a diverse and equitable 21st century economy.

Population FactFinder

    NYC Population FactFinder (PFF) has been completely rebuilt on an open source platform, allowing users to build population profiles for custom defined areas. Its fast intuitive design incorporates powerful features, including: expanded content, change over time, data visualizations, & shareable links. All profiles include data reliability guidance, giving users confidence to republish findings.

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City Planning Commission


Zoning Application Portal

DCP’s beta Zoning Application Portal (ZAP) search allows the public to find current and historic information about Land Use applications.

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