Bronx Metro-North Station Area Study

IIllustrated map of Co-op City and surrounding neighborhoods

Co-op City

Co-op City is home to the country’s largest cooperative housing development, a community of more than 40,000 residents. The station will also provide for connections to unique areas, such as City Island and Pelham Bay Park, home to Orchard Beach and the city’s largest park at more than three times the size of Central Park. Ensuring that the new station is integrated with the neighborhood and easy to access from surrounding communities will be critical to its success. The video below outlines the primary objectives that community members have voiced so far.

See how it might all come together!

How does this all come together into one long-term vision for the station? The following materials represent a vision for what the station areas might look like in the future based on community input.

Use the sliders below to explore how areas around the station are today and how they might be tomorrow.

Click on the numbers on each image to see descriptions.

An Accessible Station

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Illustration of intersection with retail and  apartments. Text reads: “Vision for Erskine Pl. with pedestrian/streetscape improvements”
Buildings and station near Erskine Pl.  Text reads “Current view of Erskine Pl. near station



Study recommendations have been categorized into three major groups: Vibrant Communities, Working Communities, and Connected Communities. For detailed recommendations for this station area, click on the corresponding PDFs below:

Plan Elements

Cartoon of two urban centers connected by a line. Text reads “Working communities”
Working Communities:
How do we plan to grow jobs and connect Bronxites to them?
Cartoon of city street. Text reads “Vibrant  Communities”
Vibrant Communities:
How do we plan for growth while celebrating who we are?
Cartoon of street light. Text reads “Connected Communities”
Connected Communities:
How do we plan to help people get around the neighborhood, the city, and the region?



During the spring, summer, and fall of 2021, the Bronx Metro-North Study Team hosted a remote open house to gather feedback on the above recommendations. Read a summary of the feedback received during this period.

What are your thoughts on the recommendations? Share any ideas, concerns, or questions below. (Click the boxes to indicate which station(s) your feedback relates to).


Future Updates

In the coming months, the station area study team will review all public input and will be updating recommendations to reflect the latest round of community input. Moving forward, an important next step will be to release a final plan memorializing this work. This will be a key step in the planning work as this plan will serve as a roadmap to city agencies, community organizations and institutions, and others as we seek to bring this work to life in the coming years.


Where to next?

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