The Cross Bronx Expressway Study

Photo of a part of the Cross Bronx Expressway

The Cross Bronx Expressway Study seeks to find ways to lessen public health impacts of the Expressway and connect the communities that are divided by it today. With a $2 million federal grant, the NYC Department of City Planning, NYC Department of Transportation, New York State Department of Transportation, and NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene will partner with local communities to: 

  • Improve quality of life for residents  
  • Create new public open space
  • Improve safety on local streets and along the corridor 
  • More sustainably manage Cross Bronx traffic
  • And more

The City and State expect to begin working with local community organizations and Bronx residents in the fall of 2022. We will review past transportation and health studies and hear from community members about their priorities and needs. We expect that the study will result in a plan to connect communities and address public health issues by 2024.  

The study is funded by a planning grant from US DOT Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE).

To learn more about the study, future events, and opportunities to share your perspective, please email your contact information to to join the study contact list.