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After years of community-based planning, the City, in January 2019, shared a zoning proposal that lays the foundation for how the Gowanus neighborhood can grow and change and become a thriving, inclusive, and more resilient Gowanus. The zoning proposal is also a foundational piece for the environmental review process, which is a process by which communities, agencies and elected officials can identify and assess the potential effects that a land use action, such as a change in zoning, may have on infrastructure and the environment.

The first step in the Gowanus environmental review process is to get community input on the Draft Scope of Work (DSOW), a technical document that lays out proposed methodologies and assumptions and that identifies the project and the types of environmental analyses that may be performed. The DSOW helps the public understand and participate in the CEQR review from the start and a necessary precursor to preparing a Draft Environmental Impact Statement. The DSOW and other documents are on our website.

A Scoping Meeting allows the public to comment on the DSOW and proposed analysis framework and is scheduled for Thursday, April 25th, 2019, at Middle School (M.S.) 51 at 350 5th Avenue. The start time is 4:00PM and the scoping meeting will go through the evening – so come when it is convenient for you! If you cannot make the Scoping Meeting, written comments are accepted during the comment period, which includes the time up to the Scoping Meeting and 30-days after.

On January 30, 2019, the Department of City Planning released the draft Gowanus zoning proposal based on extensive outreach and planning with local elected officials and community members. The draft Gowanus zoning proposal, which will be a part of a comprehensive package of City initiatives, seeks to achieve multiple goals outlined in the Gowanus Framework with areas to support mixed-use growth with affordable housing, areas to maintain and grow Gowanus’ commercial and industrial businesses, and special tools to activate ground floors and create new public spaces. The Gowanus Canal will become the centerpiece of a green, resilient neighborhood with new, sustainable, mixed use development boasting more open space and parks and community resources.

See below summary graphics of the zoning proposal and detailed explanatory materials by proposed district or theme.

Read the Press Release.

Vision sketch of Gowanus canal bridge crossing with waterfront development and pedestrian activity
Vision sketch of Gowanus canal bridge crossing with waterfront development and pedestrian activity

Download the zoning proposal and explanatory materials (note that some files contain multiple pages):

Learn how the draft zoning proposal supports the Framework topics (note that some files contain multiple pages):

Finally, see recent updates on the non-zoning strategies City agencies are pursuing to support Framework Gowanus goals:

In the coming months, DCP and partnering City agencies will continue to work with local elected officials and community stakeholders to develop a draft Neighborhood Plan for Gowanus.