North Brooklyn Industry and Innovation Plan

North Brooklyn Industry and Innovation Plan

About the Plan

The Department of City Planning is leading the creation of a plan for the North Brooklyn Industrial Business Zone (IBZ) and adjoining areas as announced by Mayor de Blasio in the City's Industrial Action Plan on November 4th, 2015. With input from the local community, the plan will identify strategies to promote job growth and economic activity, and ensure that core industrial areas – areas of the most intensive industrial activity – provide such businesses opportunities to thrive. The plan will explore new models for innovation districts to support 21st century businesses and jobs, with opportunities, as appropriate, for a mix of light industrial and commercial uses.

Study Area Map
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Study Goals
Using zoning and other policy tools, the goals of the plan are to:

  • Create a better business environment for all, by preserving and growing industrial jobs, as well as other compatible jobs in the creative and innovative sectors.
  • Improve the quality of life for workers and residents within the area and nearby.
  • Address the potential for conflicts between industrial and non-industrial uses.
  • Identify improvements to transportation and infrastructure conditions that would support growth in economic activity.
  • Address environmental and resiliency challenges

North Brooklyn offers the opportunity to strengthen essential, core industrial areas as well as to grow 21st century businesses and jobs. The study area is New York City’s 3rd largest IBZ: 900 acres large and home to 19,000 jobs, 75% of which are industrial. Located in the geographic center of NYC with strategic access to Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, the North Brooklyn IBZ is a critical and growing industrial hub. In addition to manufacturing firms, many industrial businesses in North Brooklyn perform essential functions that keep New York City running, such as construction, transportation, and food wholesale.

Along with these core industrial areas, North Brooklyn also includes more transit-accessible districts with a dynamic and growing mix of creative, media/tech, manufacturing, industrial, and retail businesses — and some residential uses that predate zoning.

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The planning process kicked off in November, 2015. A land use framework and full report are expected to be released in Winter 2018.

Evergreen: Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Plan
DCP is working closely to consult and coordinate with Evergreen, a membership organization that links industrial businesses in North Brooklyn to relevant resources and opportunities, with respect to its efforts under the New York Department of State’s Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) program. The BOA program supports planning to promote investment in brownfield properties to catalyze economic revitalization.

NYC Department of Transportation: North Williamsburg Study
The North Williamsburg Transportation Study is being conducted in response to growing congestion resulting from increase travel / trips generated by new and proposed developments, as well as requests from community members and elected officials to address congestion and other transportation related problems in the North Williamsburg area.  The study area lies north of the Williamsburg Bridge approach/ Broadway, and falls completely in Brooklyn Community District #1. The study aims to relieve congestion, expand travel choices and enhance safety for all travelers by various modes (surface transit, ferries, automobiles, trucks, bikes and walking).

An area wide transportation study incorporates community input throughout the entire study process using it in conjunction with data collection efforts to inform and shape the identification of issues and the development of recommendations. Please use DOT’s online map to identify specific locations with transportation and safety concerns. This feedback, in addition to other public feedback initiatives, will help us understand the community issues and to develop future improvements.<

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