NYC Comprehensive Waterfront Plan

What is the planning process?

Throughout summer 2019, DCP has been attending events and hosting visioning sessions across NYC as part of the first phase to update the next Comprehensive Waterfront Plan. In the fall, DCP will host a series of ‘Listening Sessions’ with local organizations and launch various engagement strategies. DCP will gather what we’ve heard and develop the structure and policy framework for the plan. We will have a series of workshops in early 2020 to discuss the proposals with the public before we write and release the plan at the end of 2020.

Summer 2019 Engagement

Check below for ways you can get involved in the Comprehensive Waterfront Plan!

Save the Date! Waterfront Planning Camp on Governor’s Island - August 17, 2019

Governors Island Augsut 17 Event

Join DCP’s Waterfront and Open Space team and our partner, Works on Water, for an afternoon of fun waterfront visioning activities on Governors Island!. Sign up here!


We are looking for different ways to engage with you and your community! If you have suggestions for our outreach, or would like to get involved, please reach out to us at

Past Engagements

Climate Resiliency Timeline