Comprehensive Waterfront Plan

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The Comprehensive Waterfront Plan aims to make New York City’s 520 miles of waterfront more accessible, active and resilient. This plan provides a vision for the city’s waterfront for the next decade and beyond.

The Department of City Planning (DCP) is currently developing the next Comprehensive Waterfront Plan, to be released by the end of 2020.

New York City issued the first comprehensive inventory of the city’s waterfront in 1992. This plan provided a framework to guide land use along the waterfront, leading to the creation of Waterfront Zoning. In 2008, the City established a law to update the plan every 10 years. The first update, Vision 2020: New York City Comprehensive Waterfront Plan, set the stage for expanded use of our waterfront for parks, housing and economic development, and of our waterways for transportation, recreation and natural habitats.

Learn more in our introduction to the Comprehensive Waterfront Plan.

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