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Manufacturing Districts: M2

Manufacturing Districts
Property in an M2-3 Manufacturing District on Pier 99 at West 59th Street, Manhattan
Property in an M2-3 Manufacturing District on Pier 99 at West 59th Street, Manhattan

M2 districts occupy the middle ground between light and heavy industrial areas. The four M2 districts, with different floor area ratios (FAR) and parking requirements, are mapped mainly in the city’s older industrial areas along the waterfront. M2-1 districts, for example, are mapped along much of Brooklyn’s Red Hook and Sunset Park waterfronts. Manhattan’s Hudson River piers, including the Passenger Ship Terminal and many municipal facilities, are within M2-3 districts.

Required performance standards in all M2 districts are lower than in M1 districts. Except when M2 uses border on a residence district, higher levels of noise and vibration are allowed, smoke is permitted and industrial activities need not be entirely enclosed.

The FAR is 2.0 in M2-1 and M2-3 districts and 5.0 in M2-2 and M2-4 districts. The maximum base heights before setback is 60 feet in M2-1 and M2-3 districts; and 85 feet in M2-2 and M2-4 districts.

Parking requirements vary according to use and are the same as for the M1 and M3 districts. M2-3 and M2-4 districts, mapped only in Manhattan, are exempt from parking requirements, as are M2 districts in Long Island City. Loading berth requirements differ according to district, type of use and size of establishment
M2 Manufacturing Districts Table