East Midtown Governing Group’s Role

Meeting Notice
The East Midtown Public Realm Improvement Fund Governing Group is holding its annual meeting. In addition to discussing potential public realm improvement projects, they will also elect directors and alternate directors, vote on annual reports, and update the East Midtown Concept Plan, on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at 3:00 pm at 120 Broadway (Concourse level), New York, NY, 10271.
Concept Plan Project Map
Concept Plan Map
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The East Midtown Public Realm Improvement Fund Governing Group (the “Governing Group”) is tasked with bolstering and enhancing East Midtown’s status as a premier central business district through the selection and allocation of funds toward pedestrian realm and transit network projects. The Governing Group shall maintain a Public Realm Improvement Concept Plan (the “Concept Plan”) that will be a list of priority improvements. As set forth in the Zoning Resolution, all improvements in the Concept Plan, which may be funded through contributions to the East Midtown Public Realm Improvement Fund or through in-kind contributions, shall:

  1. be within the East Midtown Subdistrict, a location immediately adjacent thereto, or in a subway or rail mass transit facility in the Borough of Manhattan which has significant ridership into and out of the Subdistrict;
  2. have a City or State agency as a project sponsor;
  3. meet the definition of a capital project under Section 210 of the New York City Charter, as well as all other City requirements with respect to capital projects, including the Directives of the City Comptroller;
  4. have sufficient funding in-hand at the time of project approval for the completion of the project and have identified sources of funding for the ongoing operational costs (if applicable) of the project; and
  5. consist of either above-grade or below-grade public realm improvements.

Concept Plan

PDF Document Concept Plan Overview, October 24, 2017

Projects that use development rights from landmarks within the East Midtown Subdistrict or rebuild non-complying floor area are required to make a contribution into the Public Realm Improvement Fund (the “Fund”), pursuant to PDF Document Zoning Resolution Sections 81-642 and 81-643. The Fund shall be utilized, at the discretion of the East Midtown Governing Group, to fund capital improvement projects that improve the public realm within the East Midtown Subdistrict and its immediate vicinity, and transit facilities in Manhattan that have significant ridership into and out of the Subdistrict. Development rights transfers and contributions into the Fund will be listed here once they occur.