Contracting FAQs

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How can I add my organization/company to receive notices of solicitation from DOP?

For non-human service solicitations, including RFPs and small purchases, please register as a vendor through the Payee Information Portal (PIP) and ensure that your commodity enrollments are up to date. In order to ensure you only receive solicitations for goods/services that you provide, make sure to only pick the commodities that best describe what your organization offers.

For human service RFPs, register and complete the pre-qualification process through HHS Accelerator to receive relevant notices for service areas that are applicable to your organization.

How do I find out what solicitation opportunities are currently offered by DOP?

For human service RFPs, current opportunities are outlined in the HHS Accelerator Procurement Roadmap.

For all other advertised solicitation opportunities, please visit the Solicitations section of the DOP website.

If I submit a bid/proposal in response to a solicitation and my organization is not awarded a contract, can I find out why?


Yes. Debriefings can be scheduled by conference call for non-winning bids and proposals. Debriefing appointments will only be scheduled after contract negotiations and awards are finalized for the subject procurement. To request a debriefing appointment, please contact us.

How can MWBE vendors find out more about doing business with DOP?


MWBE vendors should visit our MWBE Resources page for upcoming networking events and other important links. MWBE vendors can also submit a request via our online Contact form to meet with a DOP representative to learn more about DOP contracting opportunities.

Should my organization register in PASSPort?


Yes. All organizations intending to do business with the City of New York, including DOP, should complete the PASSPort online disclosure process. This disclosure process replaces VENDEX paper-based forms and makes it easier to submit and keep disclosures up-to-date. Also, In the event that your organization is awarded a contract, completing the registration process and online disclosure filings beforehand may help to reduce processing time from award to registration.

Does my organization need to register in both PIP and PASSPort?


To do business with the City, you must register as a vendor in the City's PASSPort and the Payee Information Portal (PIP). A PASSPort account puts your business on the Citywide Bidder List, while a PIP provides you with a NYC Vendor Number. This lets you manage your financial transactions with the City. Registered vendors receive alerts about contract opportunities, including contracts not advertised anywhere else.