What are we doing?
Deployment of new hardware and network into the Queensbridge Wi-Fi infrastructure.  The purpose of the change is migrate Queensbridge Wi-Fi services onto new router hardware and onto a dedicated network.   The work will take place one block at time.    

When are we executing the Change?
The work will take over several days.   Planned start date: 01-17-2022.  The work will take place during the hours of 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, work is scheduled to end on 01/28/2022. 

What is the impact?
During the migration, residents may experience intermittent Wi-Fi blackout throughout the Queensbridge Housing facility.   Only specific buildings and or blocks will be effected at a giving period.  The Wi-Fi services will remaining active within neighboring blocks and buildings.  An outage duration for a building could be as much as 8 hours while the team performs the necessary configurations to network.  

Who to contact?
You may reach out to our 24x7 Help Desk Team at 888-386-9242
[or] by Email to ExterNetworks NOC

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